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We're two educators who are OBSESSED with growth. We've lived the magic of shifting behaviors and taking control of our mindset. We know how it feels to move in a direction we choose and not feel stuck in. Our biggest passion is sharing everything we've learned with others!

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The Marigold Force Podcast is inspired by Jennifer Gonzalez. We believe that everyone needs to find their Marigolds. "If you can find at least one marigold in your life and stay close to them, you will grow. Find more than one and you will positively thrive." Think of the podcast as a virtual workshop. We’ll dig into tips, tools, and advice for personal, professional, and community growth. We share our learning through the lens of an educator because that’s what we know. But these tools work for anyone! We’ll also invite you to take action because change doesn’t happen without it! And the best part of the podcast is that we’re doing the work right alongside you. 


Some of the episodes will just be us learning new strategies and bringing you along for the ride. We'll also interview guests and hear their experiences with different tools. Finally, we'll sprinkle bonus episodes throughout each season to offer up new lessons we're learning as we're growing together. Click the podcast tab if you're ready to dig into all the juicy content we have for you!

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We also create tools and resources to help make your life a little easier! For both free and paid resources, you can head to Teachers Pay Teachers. We're working on a "Members Only" section right now where subscribers will have access to additional tools and resources. Check out the Courses Tab for more information on coaching groups and other classes we have available!


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What other Marigolds are saying…

“Being a part of the Marigold Force was recharging and reaffirming.


To be perfectly honest, I initially thought that the Marigold Force would be geared only towards new teachers but boy, was I wrong! I have been teaching for 6 years and found the Marigold Force meetings to be extremely helpful.


The meetings were a place of support, connection, and new learning. Joel and Jessie's hacks were so helpful and really helped to streamline my personal and professional life.


One of my biggest takeaways from participating in the Marigold Force is how urgently we, as teachers, need to prioritize self-care for ourselves. ” 

—  Rachel, Third Grade Spanish Immersion Teacher


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