Summer Bonus 6:

The Four Questions & The Turnaround | Deep Dive With Julia Adams

July 21, 2020

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Jessie Gebauer &

Joel Carlovsky

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Welcome to our sixth bonus episode of the summer on one of our Marigold Force Essentials: The Four Questions & The Turnaround

How do you do the Four Questions & the Turnaround? You write down your stressful thoughts, and then ask yourself the following four questions:

  • Question 1: Is it true?

  • Question 2: Can you absolutely know it's true?

  • Question 3: How do you react—what happens—when you believe that thought?

  • Question 4: Who would you be without the thought?

  • And then finally, Turn the thought around:

The "turnaround" gives you an opportunity to experience the opposite of what you believe. Once you have found one or more turnarounds to your original statement, you are invited to find at least three specific, genuine examples of how each turnaround is true in your life.

Who is our special guest? Julia Adams!

Julia was Jessie's very first friend in Minneapolis, and random roommate in college, way back in 2008. Julia is a Procurement Supervisor at UNFI, North America's Premier Food Wholesaler.


She is a powerhouse leader in every role she's ever held and also has the greatest work ethic out there. She's been an essential sounding board as we've been building the Marigold Force. Julia loves gardening, watching cooking shows, sharing a bottle of Chardonnay with good friends, and cozying up with her 3 fur babies and her wife Analise.

Recommendation from Julia :)

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