S1 Episode 5:

Challenge Expired Insecurities

April 5, 2020

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Jessie Gebauer &

Joel Carlovsky

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Tools and Strategies

Personal Growth: 1 Question to Challenge Expired Insecurities

Professional Growth: How to Create a Vitality Playlist

Community Maker: 4 Ways to Become a Self-Care Activist

It is April, and wow, how things might look differently for you - for all of us right now. Originally, we contemplated changing the theme for the month - which is Vitality - but when we think about the definition of vitality - which is the state of being strong and active - we realized that we probably need this more than ever as we hope to find more vitality and hit a new, full stride in this current pandemic.

The April vitality podcast is here!! It’s definitely rough, but we still did it! Joel and I did what we could with new recording tools from our separate households with the knowledge we had.   Joel and I are also navigating the uncharted waters of online learning. Especially for me, it’s so difficult to not do something “perfectly.” However, perfect isn’t an option right now for online learning or our podcasts, and honestly striving for perfection is a painful battle. One I’ve been trying to tap out of for years. See ya later perfection, I don’t want to be part of your tricky games anymore!  

So join Joel and me for our first workshop on vitality! And maybe April’s workshops you go through with a friend or a colleague from afar. Listen together or separate, set up a FaceTime date to share your commitments, and help each other come back to a place of vitality. Just an idea! 😉  😜 And yes, the theme is vitality…. We went back and forth about changing the theme for this month, but during times like this, we need to move in the direction of vitality. I know I desperately need to shift my mindset and habits to bring vitality back to my body, mind, and soul.  

All the Good Stuff From the Episode

Reflection Guide - Week 1

"2 Steps to Healthy Boundaries" Freebie

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