3 Simple Ways For Teachers To

Crush New Habits (Pt. 2)

January 12, 2021 by Jessie & Joel

The Marigold Force Podcast
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 Before Diving In

Jessie: When you hear someone talking about “habits” does your stomach drop and you get ready to run in the other direction? You’ve tried putting new habits in place you know are good for you. Maybe you make it a week or even two but inevitably you fail too many times and you give up. You aren't alone my friend! Welcome to today’s episode on "3 Simple Ways for Teachers to Crush New Habits."

Joel: Yes! I could make a LIST of all the habits that I started but never continued. Everything from playing the guitar to writing daily gratitude cards to myself.  So, after tons of reading, research, practice, and beautiful FAILURE we came up with our very own 3 Essential Lessons We’ve Learned About Forming Habits list at the Marigold Force. Today, we are talking about essential lesson #2. 


Quick Recap On #1: Start Incredibly Small

Joel: Start incredibly small with new habits - so small that it’s near impossible not to do it. We shared what BJ Fogg, Ph.D. calls the Anatomy of Tiny Habits®. It’s all about the ABCs. Anchor, Behavior, Celebration.

  1. Anchor Moment: An existing routine (like brushing your teeth) or an event that happens (like a phone ringing). The Anchor Moment reminds you to do the new Tiny Behavior. 

  2. New Tiny Behavior: A simple version of the new habit you want, such as flossing one tooth or doing two push-ups. You do the Tiny Behavior immediately after the Anchor Moment. 

  3. Instant Celebration: Something you do to create positive emotions, such as saying “I did a good job!” You celebrated immediately after doing the new Tiny Behavior.


Essential Lesson #2: Get Clear On Your Why

Jessie: You will always be more willing to follow through on new habits and systems if your foundation is strong and built on your why. If you don't have a strong why you'll probably abandon the new habit at some point. This may be the reason you've failed in the past.

Action Step

Joel: Think of a new habit that you want to start or an old habit that you want to rekindle. Plan out how you will turn that new habit into a TINY habit by planning for your Anchor Moment which leads to your New Tiny Behavior which concludes with an Instant Celebration. Make sure that it is built on a strong why. The why is your foundation for building your tiny habit. 

Jessie: If you don’t have a strong why- either keep wrestling with it until you do or make peace with knowing that that habit is not for you. When you have your tiny habit and your strong, clear why it's time to put it into practice. You can also listen to the podcast episode above, or on your favorite platform, for more stories and examples to get you going!

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Jessie Gebauer &

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