3 Simple Ways For Teachers To

Crush New Habits (Pt. 3)

January 19, 2021 by Jessie & Joel

The Marigold Force Podcast
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 Before Diving In

Joel: Do you know in your heart that you should form a new habit or two to make your day run a little more smoothly, but you avoid it at all costs? Are you not quite sure how to start? Welcome to today’s episode on 3 Simple Ways for Teachers to Crush New Habits.

Jessie: The final episode and Part 3 of our 3 part series.  We get it! We get the daily grind, and we know that you - like us - are committing to so many new things and that you - like us - want you to be able to crush the new habits that you actually want to commit to.


Recap #1: Start Incredibly Small

Joel: Start incredibly small with new habits - so small that it’s near impossible not to do it. We shared what BJ Fogg, Ph.D. calls the Anatomy of Tiny Habits®. It’s all about the ABCs. Anchor, Behavior, Celebration.

  1. Anchor Moment: An existing routine (like brushing your teeth) or an event that happens (like a phone ringing). The Anchor Moment reminds you to do the new Tiny Behavior. 

  2. New Tiny Behavior: A simple version of the new habit you want, such as flossing one tooth or doing two push-ups. You do the Tiny Behavior immediately after the Anchor Moment. 

  3. Instant Celebration: Something you do to create positive emotions, such as saying “I did a good job!” You celebrated immediately after doing the new Tiny Behavior.


Recap #2: Get Clear On Your Why

Jessie: You will always be more willing to follow through on new habits and systems if your foundation is strong. If you don't have a strong why you'll probably abandon the new habit at some point. This may be the reason you've failed in the past.

#3: Focus On Your Struggle

Joel: Focus and hone in on which of the ABC’s you struggle with the most. This one stings a little bit because everyone struggles with one of these steps. We have the anchor moment, the tiny behavior, and the instant celebration. I can definitely recall MAAAAANY times when I struggled with putting all three together. Once you're clear on which component you can't seem to nail down, you can focus your energy on that. 

Action Step

Jessie: Think of a new habit that you want to start or an old habit that you want to rekindle. Plan out how you will turn that new habit into a TINY habit by planning for your Anchor Moment which leads to your New Tiny Behavior which concludes with an Instant Celebration. And you have made sure that it was built on a strong why. Now, identify and focus on your struggle.

Joel: Name which of the ABCs (the Anchor, the Behavior, or the Celebration) that you tend to struggle with. Now that you have identified your struggle, you can plan for either micro shifting your current tiny habit or discovering and declaring a new tiny habit. Take the time to plan out your Tiny Habit with a super clear why that also minimalizes your struggles. Do this now.

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Jessie Gebauer &

Joel Carlovsky