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How to get your life back and still

be an incredible teacher. 

The Force

2020 - 2021 Edition

Co-Led By:

Jessie Gebauer &  Joel Carlovsky


Get ready for it!

The group that is going to take you from the deserty abyss of teacher burnout to the tall, cool glass version of teaching - one where you have a life OUTSIDE your classroom. 

Weekend-working warrior??  Not anymore!

Does this story sound familiar?

You just finished your Sunday morning coffee. You’re reading a book or catching up on Netflix.


Maybe you have a furbaby or loved one cuddled up next to you.


As you sip that last drop and look at the clock a wave of dread washes over you.


It’s time to lesson plan and prep for Monday. 

To make the Sunday work less painful, you decide to head to your favorite coffee shop or brewery. The ambiance is better. You’re out in the world. It’s like you’re not even working. WRONG. You are working.


After 3-4 hours at that table, you’re stiff, your drink has been gone for hours, and it’s starting to get dark outside. You think to yourself, “That has to be enough to put me in a good spot for tomorrow.”

As you drive to school the next morning you’re scanning that ever-growing to-do list in your mind. Your chest starts to tighten and you feel a lump in your throat just thinking of everything that should ALREADY be done. You either jump out of your car and dart in because there’s so much to do, or you have to count down

"1... 2... 3... go!" to get your butt out of the car.

The real problem or pain point.

As 4:00 PM rolls around you collapse into your chair just barely making it through the day. Your to-do list has 20 things on it, you have tons of emails (including 3 tough family emails that you don’t have the bandwidth to deal with), AND somehow nothing is prepped for tomorrow. 

You either start crying or laughing because you have absolutely no idea how this is possible. You spent all weekend working! Before you have a complete meltdown you decide - screw it! I’ll just deal with all this tomorrow. You plan on getting to school before the sun rises the next day, praying to the universe that tomorrow will be better.


This is what teaching is all about - right?

What if it didn’t have to be that way?

If you could close your computer, lock that classroom door, and say Adios! to your coworkers after an 8-hour workday - what might happen?

Teaching from an empty cup is near impossible. This would definitely give you time and energy to fill that cup. 

That resentfulness around education may ease up a bit. Education shouldn’t be this way. No one respects teachers. I shouldn’t have to sacrifice my life for my job. 

With renewed energy and the skills to work like a BOSS, you may even dive into some of those teaching strategies you’ve been shying away from.


This is possible!

Every year I taught, I thought it would get better. But it didn't.

Until I met one of my Marigolds. My partner in crime, Joel, showed me how to work smarter not harder. 

Now you’ll never catch me lesson planning on a Sunday. I’m one of the first teachers to leave at the end of the day, and I love teaching more than ever.


I just needed the professional tools to navigate my teaching career. And I’m not talking about literacy, math, or classroom management PD. I’m talking about game-changing professional skills and habits that aren’t in any teacher prep program I've heard of!

The Force

2020 - 2021 Edition

Say Hello To

The coaches, system, and community that will get you from brain-fried to tackling the school year with flying colors. 


We’ve been sharing our favorite tools, strategies, and frameworks with Marigold teachers since 2018, and now we want to share them with you! With a collective 23 years of teaching experience, we have so much we want to show you! Say YES and don't look back. 

So what's inside The Force 2020-2021 Edition?

tools, strategies, and frameworks to...

work more efficiently

Can’t seem to catch up no matter how long and hard you work? Welcome to the club!  We’ll start by streamlining some of your processes and building habits that will set you up for success. Start by getting really clear on the importance of all the stuff you do every day with the Urgent and Important Matrix. 


Once you know where all your energy is spent you can guard some of that time and energy with batching, setting deadlines, and timers. 

Start to notice your pain points and what works best for you. I’ve learned that systems are my saving grace! Systemize, systemize, systematize.

tools, strategies, and frameworks to...

work effectively with anyone

Working with others can be the greatest joy or the most challenging part of your day. Whether someone is not treating you with respect or you're trapped in a meeting with no time cap - we have the tools to help. 


It all starts with boundaries. Then from there, we’ll move into compassionate directness using a brief introduction followed by clear and concise points. 


Struggling to work with people over email? Don’t you worry - we’ll practice the D.E.A.R.M.A.N technique to describe, express, assert, reinforce, stay mindful, appear confident, and negotiate.

tools, strategies, and frameworks to...

shift your mindset

You’ve got the professional skills down and you've fought back some of your time. As you sit down to drink your coffee with your email closed, you immediately feel guilty for not using every ounce of your day. 


We’ve got you covered with Byron Katie’s The Four Questions & The Turnaround. We'll also get into the trouble with comparative culture, watching our shoulds, and reframing the stories we tell ourselves 

Pausing, noticing, and recording patterns in your thoughts is powerful stuff, and it can help to rewire some of those engrained neurons.

tools, strategies, and frameworks to...

get clear on your why

Can you rattle off YOUR values? I sure couldn’t a few years ago. 


Every exercise we go through we come back to our WHY. As you develop your own clear and healthy boundaries you’ll see your values shine through. As you work through the Urgent and Important Matrix you’ll see those values again! 

We’ll also be more intentional through strategies like Macro Values + Micro Actions + Mini Steps. You'll no longer have a work self and home self. You'll be showing up everywhere as your bad*ss self - grounded in your values. 

a community of marigolds

to lean on

This might be the most powerful part. Joel and I will be leading and teaching, but we'll also be implementing the tools alongside you. 


This Force is an evolving entity and not a set in stone course. As you encounter questions or challenges, EMAIL US! Every week we’ll be tailoring the live sessions to the emails we receive as well as going through a group Q&A.

The Force 2020-2021 Edition is intentionally housed in a Facebook Group to give you access to the other members. You might find an accountability buddy in your area, or celebrate with one another as we post victories and insights.

I'm still not sure....

The Force is 100% your jam if you can say, "Yup, that’s me"  to any of these:

You’re a brand spankin’ new teacher. You’ve got the pefect teacher outfits, your Pinterest classroom boards are poppin’, and you’re ready to mold some minds. You’ve heard so much about teacher burnout, and you want to be proactive. Let’s learn some tools to prevent that!

You’re not brand spankin’ new but you haven’t made it over the 3-5 year hump. You started out bright-eyed and ready for anything, but had no clue what teacher burnout actually looked and felt like. You definitely don’t want another year like last year!

You’ve put in your time and made it through those notorious 3-5 years. However, you made it to the other side to find everything is JUST AS CHALLENGING. You were ready to hit smooth waters, but found yourself just as trapped in the depths of teacher burnout. What gives?

You’ve been the teacher doing it all for years. Everyone came to you for everything, and it felt great! Teaching was your life after all. Now, you want your work to stay in your classroom. You want to reclaim that life you once had. How do you start such a big shift like that?

What other Marigolds are saying…

“Being a part of the Marigold Force was recharging and reaffirming.


To be perfectly honest, I initially thought that the Marigold Force would be geared only towards new teachers but boy, was I wrong! I have been teaching for 6 years and found the Marigold Force meetings to be extremely helpful.


The meetings were a place of support, connection, and new learning. Joel and Jessie's hacks were so helpful and really helped to streamline my personal and professional life.


One of my biggest takeaways from participating in the Marigold Force is how urgently we, as teachers, need to prioritize self-care for ourselves. ” 


—  Rachel, Third Grade Spanish Immersion Teacher

Nitty Gritty Details

  • Our kickoff Facebook LIVE is October 14th

  • Our final celebration LIVE will be on June 9th

  • We'll take November 25th, December 23rd,  December 30th, and March 17th off

  • 31 total LIVE sessions together

  • All video sessions, content, and resources will be housed in a private Facebook group you'll be added to as soon as you join and for as long as you're a member

  • Live video sessions will be held weekly on Wednesday evenings at 5:00 PM CST

  • Group registration closes on Wednesday, October 7th! Don't miss out!

**If you're hearing 36 LIVE sessions and you're getting a little nervous about the commitment - drop those worries.


You can tune-in any day that works for you - in your jammies if you like. I took a few courses through Facebook groups this summer and I PROMISE YOU'LL LOVE IT! 

So how much does it cost??

-30+ hours of personalized career and life coaching (value: $3,975)

-Custom-made tools and frameworks for THIS community (value: $250)

-Curated list of additional resources and experts (value: $50)

-Access to support system of Marigold Educators (value: $PRICELESS)


Grab your calculators people.

The value of this group is a whopping $4,275.


Take a deep breath because we’re not charging that. We want every single teacher to have access to this career-shaping information. This is the group I craved as a new teacher, yearned for as a seasoned teacher still drowning, and still value immensely as a teacher that’s hit her stride. 

We’re offering The Force 2020-2021 Edition for just…


Group registration closes on Wednesday, October 7th! Don't miss out!

The MF


We believe in The Marigold Force mission to the ends of the Earth and back. You will see a noticeable change in your teaching career and life outside of the classroom when you enroll in The Force 2020-2021 Edition


If you are tuning into the live lessons and implementing the tools you will no longer be working weekends after 2 short months. Yes, by December 16th you will have reclaimed your weekends.


If by December 16th you still lesson plan on Sundays and you’ve given

it your all, email us at hello@themarigoldforce.com. We’ll give you a full refund. We believe in YOU and THIS GROUP that much. 

Hey there! Jessie here!

I’m the girl behind The Marigold Force.

I remember the spot you’re at so vividly. That spot where you’re so ready to bail on teaching altogether. 


Looking back to the 2013 version of myself - I had taken yet another personal day because I just couldn’t do it. I had researched every job under the sun that could get me out of the classroom with my education degree. 


I stumbled across a position with Burton teaching at-risk teens how to snowboard and develop life skills. That’s perfect! - I thought. I can quit teaching after I get three years of snowboarding experience under my belt (I had never been on a snowboard in my life). 


Maybe not the best plan, but it gave me hope. And don't pretend you haven’t been down the job search rabbit hole that could potentially whisk you away from your teaching job!

Fast forward to 2018. I met my OG Marigold, Joel Carlovsky. Joel was more than just a happy hour colleague. In as few words as possible - he taught me how to work smarter not harder. This is just the tip of the iceberg. He had such an impact on me and my teaching that I wanted more teachers to know the secrets I learned! 


To this day, I have been to hundreds of professional development courses to improve my teaching - nothing has made as much of an impact as what I learned from Joel and The Marigold Force.


I know we’re not besties YET, but you gotta trust me! This investment in yourself is totally worth it! Not to mention, it’s basically risk free. Take the leap with me!


What if I can’t attend the Facebook live sessions?

Not a problem! All sessions will be available in the private Facebook group to watch whenever works best for you. You'll have access to all the materials as long as you're a member.


Are you ready to do this??!!


Join now to get: 

  • 30+ hours of personalized career and life coaching

  • Tools and frameworks custom-made for THIS community

  • Curated list of additional resources and experts

  • Access to support system of marigold educators


Take back those weekends and kick some butt at your job! Let’s knock this school year out of the park together! 

Group registration closes on Wednesday, October 7th! Don't miss out!


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