S1 Episode 1:

Build a "Bad Day" Life Raft

March 1, 2020

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Jessie Gebauer &

Joel Carlovsky

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Tools and Strategies

Personal Growth: Build a “Bad Day” Life Raft

Professional Growth: How to Break Out of the Busyness Paradox

Community Maker: 3 New Ways to View the Stories We Tell Ourselves

Keep holding on, dear Marigolds! A break is near, but hang in there! This month, we will gather four times to focus on Perseverance all the way through the long stretch until and after the break.


Whenever we meet - in person or in the podcast - we will take you through these elements. We start with a Cleanse - noticing where we are at and what is going on around us. Then we move on to a Guided Meditation that Jessie will take us through. After the Guided Meditation, Joel will take us through 3 strategies we are working on at the Marigold Force this month. He will always share a strategy for Personal Growth, Professional Growth, and lastly, one we call the Community Maker. We finish out our Marigold Force Workshop with time to declare one Commitment for the week.

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