Being a Changemaker Is Your Life, Not Your Lifestyle

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Sorry, Not Sorry

I’m going to say it right away from the beginning, so we’re not confused. No complaining. Nope. None. It does you nothing. Nothing. Nada. It doesn’t feel right if you’re not honest with yourself. And all the more: why complain about teaching (or whatever you do with your bad self!) when you can rock life out as only you can?

You know you, and I’m going to call you on your bullsh*t. I am going to call me on my bullsh*t. You and I know that you and I can’t rock out our personal or professional life like only you and I can when we aren’t taking care of ourselves. Think about that for a second. You want to be a Changemaking Badass (creative, sexy, amazing, insert your descriptor here) yet you’re not doing any (or only a few) of the following:

  • Sleeping

  • Resting

  • Laughing

  • Taking deep breaths

  • Putting down our phone (I just checked my phone after writing that. Yup, I’m hooked!)

  • Working out (See also: Moving at all in any way that raises your heart rate.)

  • Journaling (See also: Getting your difficult feelings out.)

  • Experiencing mindful pleasure (See also: Enjoying everything from a good hug to other adult activities!)

  • Taking your time to eat (and chew! Soylent, Huel, and protein shakes are not meals!)

  • Going outside and taking in nature’s beauty

Oh, I hear you telling yourself in one way or another that you think you aren’t worthy of those things. Shut up. I mean it. You are worthy. You are. You always have been. You have always been worthy.

“But wait!” you respond. “I don’t have time to ____________.” Oh wait, I can’t hear you. (These are my imaginary fingers in my imaginary ears.) Changemaking Marigolds (you!) don’t complain. Instead, Changemakers do because they are.

  • You sleep because you are a Changemaker worthy of not losing your shit.

  • You enjoy life’s gifts because you are a Changemaker worthy of pleasure (without guilt!) in every sense of the word.

  • You move your body because you are a Changemaker worthy of a strong heart and intense endorphins.

  • You take your time to eat because you are a Changemaker worthy of savoring (yes, savoring!) a real meal. (Get that f*cking Lean Cuisine out of the microwave! Unless that’s the best you can do in the present moment. If that is the case, then, carry on. But, at least, for the love of God, slow down and chew your d*mn food!)

  • You have to take the time (and prioritize the time!) to go outside, breathe real air (not yucky “work air”!), and realize that you are alive.

So, it starts with you. You have to want this. You have to want this with every bone in your Changemaker body and every brave bacteria in your Changemaker gut. But you have to choose this. You have to decide every f*cking day to be a Changemaker. Being a Changemaker is not a lifestyle. It is your LIFE. It is you. And you have to choose that there is no other way. Sorry, not sorry.

Until next time,

Joel & Jessie

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