Embrace the Season: 4 Ways to Actively Accept the Season You Are In

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April 6, 2021 by Jessie & Joel

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Before Diving In

Joel: Have you ever just kept pushing forward no matter what? Maybe you are like me and prefer the warmer seasons of life - literally and metaphorically - so even in the colder and harder months you keep pushing through?

Jessie: I definitely know that feeling of pushing through all the seasons and not taking enough time to adapt, rest, and slow down. Today, we will be talking about embracing the season - 4 Ways to Actively Accept the Season You Are In.

Joel: The beautiful. The hard. The lonely. The stressful. The productive. The peaceful. All of the seasons! The inspiration for this episode comes from Katherine May’s recent book Wintering but as always we will put our Marigold Force twist on things by sharing our stories around accepting life’s seasons and why we had to learn these important lessons. Welcome to today’s episode: Embrace the Season: 4 Ways to Actively Accept the Season You Are In.

Reflection and Introspection Must Happen First

Jessie: Joel, you mentioned that the inspiration for this podcast came from Katherine May’s book Wintering. I remember that you recommended it a few months ago, and I knew we had to do an episode about it.

Joel: Yes! It is so good! I listened to a few interviews with her, and after I read the book? Wow! I needed to hear its message. Before we dig into our personal stories, I wanted to share an excerpt from the book.

“Plants and animals don’t fight the winter; they don’t pretend it’s not happening and attempt to carry on living the same lives they lived in the summer. They prepare. They adapt. They perform extraordinary acts of metamorphosis to get them through. Wintering is a time of withdrawing from the world, maximizing scant resources, carrying out acts of brutal efficiency, and vanishing from sight; but that’s where the transformation occurs. Winter is not the death of the life cycle, but its crucible.

Once we stop wishing it were summer, winter can be a glorious season in which the world takes on a sparse beauty and even the pavements sparkle. It’s a time for reflection and recuperation, for slow replenishment, for putting your house in order. Doing these deeply unfashionable things — slowing down, letting your spare time expand, getting enough sleep, resting — is a radical act now, but it’s essential. This is a crossroads we all know, a moment when you need to shed a skin. If you do, you’ll expose all those painful nerve endings and feel so raw that you’ll need to take care of yourself for a while. If you don’t, then that skin will harden around you.

It’s one of the most important choices you’ll ever make.”

Jessie: Woof. So profound! Before we get to 4 Ways to Actively Accept the Seasons We Are In - let’s get personal.

  • When have YOU found yourself “wishing it were summer”? Why?

  • Why was it important for you to learn how to actively accept the season you are in?

  • What have the winter seasons taught you?

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Joel: Thank you, Jessie! Remember Marigolds that reflection and introspection are so important to doing the work. Strategies are just strategies until you connect them to your personal why and story. When you are aware of the why, it is so much easier to do the work of applying and reapplying these insights.

4 Ways To Actively Accept The Season You Are In

We will share a step. We will share what that step looks like for each of us. And, we will share WHY we put that on our Marigold Force list!

Step 1: Chill out - Notice BEFORE burning out and take the personal steps necessary to chill out!

Step 2: Hibernate - Prioritize big chunks for rest (monthly, weekly, daily)

Step 3: Heal - Identify the deeper healing you need.

Step 4: Refresh - Change it up. Revive and freshen up old ways of doing things.

>> Click here to listen to our responses on the podcast.

Action Step

Jessie: Before you do anything, make sure you take a moment to reflect on whatever season of life you might be in. (It’s okay to be in a summer season or a fall season! All seasons are okay!) Once you identify the season you are in, map out our 4 steps with lots of specifics to your situation. Do you need to do some chilling out? How will you do that? Why do you need to do that? Write down what you’re committed to and why it is important. Feel free to focus on one step instead of all four but again, get specific!

Joel: Putting pen to paper is so important to help you stay accountable to yourself and accept whatever season you are in. And know that you have permission to ask another Marigold in your life to support you with this. This is why we have our Marigolds! Accepting the seasons of life takes time and practice.

Jessie: Write and map out your personal steps to actively accepting the season you are in. Do this now.

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