Gratitude Practice

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

A gratitude practice can look a million different ways. What does wonders for someone else, may seem forced and unnatural to you. The most important thing to get clear is your WHY behind a gratitude practice, and really anything you're doing. Why are you interested, or not interested, in starting a gratitude practice? If you have a strong why you may be more willing to dive into something you can't wrap your head around. At least that's my experience with many things.

Here are a few ideas on what a gratitude practice could look like. Ryan Engelstad also gives a strong argument for why a gratitude practice is important.

How Gratitude Can Help Build Resilience

Maybe you're curious what other people in your life are doing? Ask your friends, family and maybe colleagues, "do you have a gratitude practice or have you tried any loving kindness meditations?" They may have found something that works for you!

While on the subject of gratitude... we're so grateful for all you Marigolds out there. We're so passionate about finding more connection, commitment and balance, and we're lucky to have people to share and grow with.

XOXO The Marigold Force

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