How to Build a Bad Day Life Raft

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

A “Bad Day” Life Raft is a strategy you can lean on to help you float, not sink, through a bad day—and it’s all about finding small ways to shift yourself to a more positive mindset. This strategy comes from Shine, an organization that delivers career and life advice from real people. Head to their website to read up on tons of tools and strategies for living your best life. It's a gold-mine of information!

Shine says...

"Studies have shown that when you have a positive mindset, you're more productive, more likely to receive a promotion, less likely to have health-related effects from stress—and you're also more creative. It sounds like wins all around. That's not to mention the benefits to everyone around you. Emotions are as contagious as a winter cold —think about how you feel when an angry driver honks at you for seemingly no reason or when a friend hijacks a conversation to complain for an hour straight. Your mood goes down and your armor goes up. Using your Bad Day Life Raft allows these small moments of brightness and lightness to help your mind focus and find all the other things that are going right. Because you've got your stuff together much more than this bad day will have you believe."

Steps to Building your Raft

  1. Make a list of 10 things that are going well or "right."

  2. Say "thank you" or write a "thank you" note to someone.

  3. Find something that only takes one minute that lifts you up.

  4. Do one hard thing.

List of 10 Things

Keep it simple. Don't overthink this. Your list might include, "I woke up without snoozing my alarm today, or I had a PERFECT avocado on my toast this morning." It's okay to simply think about your 10 things, but there is power in putting pen to paper and writing it down.

Say "Thank You"

This very simply brings a little lightness to your day. Again, this is meant to shift yourself to a more positive mindset. Annie McKee, the founder of the Teleos Leadership Institute and co-author of Primal Leadership, said in an interview with Harvard Business Review, “It’s worth changing your mood, not just to make your day more pleasant and productive but to spare those around you.

One-Minute Pick Me Up

Not everyone has 20 minutes to meditate or an hour to go on a leisurely walk outside. If you do have the time, do it! However, anyone can find one minute to do something that picks you up. This could be looking at photos of a trip you went on, reading an inspirational article, listening to a song, or looking at saved items on Instagram or Imgur. Anything that makes you smile or brings a little tingly happiness counts! Have these pick me up tools ready for when you need them!

Do One Hard Thing

Seems counterintuitive, right? Why would you do something hard when the day is already hard enough? But... what you really need on these rough days is a win. If you do one hard thing you may get your win! This could be initiating a hard conversation or starting a project you've been putting off.

There you have it! The steps to building your own "Bad Day Life Raft." Thanks again to Shine for all the wonderful ideas and resources. Head over to their website by clicking here to find even more tips to get your life moving in a direction that you choose. Are you interested in listening digging into this strategy even more? Joel and I share our own Bad Day Life Rafts on The Marigold Force Podcast: Episode 1!

Until next time,

Jessie and Joel

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