Marigold Force Testimonials

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

To truly understand the power of The Marigold Force you need to experience it. If you haven't had the joy of experiencing it YET, here's what others have said. Thanks Marigolds!

“Being a part of the Marigold Force was recharging and reaffirming.

To be perfectly honest, I initially thought that the Marigold Force would be geared only towards new teachers but boy, was I wrong! I have been teaching for 6 years and found the Marigold Force meetings to be extremely helpful.

The meetings were a place of support, connection, and new learning. Joel and Jessie's hacks were so helpful and really helped to streamline my personal and professional life.

One of my biggest takeaways from participating in the Marigold Force is how urgently we, as teachers, need to prioritize self-care for ourselves. ” 

—  Rachel, Third Grade Spanish Immersion Teacher

“Marigold Force is a beacon of light for new teachers and old.

The group and its leaders provide a unique opportunity for teachers to come together unified by a single purpose. It is a holistic approach on how we can be more successful at our vocation.

The meetings provide the tools to more efficiently navigate the responsibilities and demands placed upon teachers. Leaders and members share their own successes and make suggestions on how we might form habits that tend to our whole selfs through daily practice. The group discusses the maintenance of our spiritual, mental  and physical health to manage the particular issues we encounter as teachers.

I hope more of my colleagues can experience what I have experienced and look forward to my continuous participation in the group.  Marigold force is truly a force to behold!” 

—  Rani, Art Teacher

"The Marigold Force meetings were more valuable than I ever could have imagined. I was able to reconnect to my purpose as an educator, recommit to my own self-care, and meet other like-minded teachers. 

No matter where you are in your career, if your cup is feeling empty as an educator, I highly recommend attending a session!"

—  Nicole, Kindergarten Spanish Immersion Teacher

“As teachers we try to teach our students mindfulness. Well, the Marigold Project teaches teachers mindfulness.

I learned more about setting personal and professional boundaries with kindness, focusing on what is actually important in my life, and taking care of myself than I did in any teacher prep course.

I'm more present for my family, students and colleagues because I participated in the Force. Thank you Jessie and Joel!” 

—  Sam, Emerging Multilingual Specialist

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