Marigold Monday | January 7th

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Because Mondays are for Sharing...


Self Care is No Joke

*Why wellness practices??? Click on the article to find out WHY.

Marigold Gathering Elements

*Wellness Practices

Time/Energy Saving Strategies

Interpersonal Techniques

Reflection and Sharing

Intentions and Collective Accountability

Laughter and Fun!

"Power of Meditation"

~Dr. Gail Gross, Huffington Post 


Books and Podcasts We. Love. You.

Girlboss Podcast/Blog 

~Sophia Amoruso

Marigold Hack:

Many podcasts have websites/blogs that contain loads of resources and articles from previous podcasts. All you need is a quick search to find content applicable to you!


Marigolds are SO MUCH More than Just Teachers....

Zenon Dance Company

Dearest Marigold,

What do you do that brings you pure bliss? If dancing does that for you, checkout Zenon Dance Company! You're not just a teacher, you're a fierce Marigold.


The Marigold Force

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