One Good Thing - Every Day - No Matter What

I have a confession to make that I hate making.

I have felt so off-balance lately.

No, not a little off-balance. More like the "What am I do? Why am I doing this? Didn't I used to be able to do life somewhat well?" type of off-balance.

I miss my healthy, well-established boundaries and routines. What once was super clear is now all the shades of gray. On most days, I feel like more of a mess than anything.

Don't get me wrong. I am not beating myself up. I am not ignoring the new lessons or small joys. I am still doing "all the things" like moving my body, keeping a gratitude journal, and going on walks.

But, it is not the same. I am still so off-balance.

That's why I came up with my own little plan of restoring my balance. It's not earth-shattering, and I am sure that it is some cerebral combination of all the books and podcasts I have consumed in the past seven months. But my plan of attack is what I call One Good Thing - Every Day - No Matter What.

Here's how it works. You have to start by noticing and naming the Not So Good Thing(s). Yup, the shitty, hard, sucky, dull, blah things.

No, I don't like doing that either but it is part of the process. It's part of what Emily and Amelia Nagoski call "completing the stress cycle" and moving through "emotional exhaustion".

On My Current List of Not So Good Thing(s):

  • Not getting my much-needed eight (8) hours of sleep

  • Feeling like I'm doing more than ever but not enough

  • Being "that person" that people feel they can trust (lovely until multiplied by lots of people which equals an overload of emotional exhaustion!)

  • Knowing that the weather is changing (which means we will be inside more...blah!)

But now comes the fun part. Now comes the balancing part. It is all about naming and doing (at least) one simple, beautiful, good thing - ever day - no matter what.

That's it. I told you. The earth didn't shake and tremble in the profoundness of this strategy. Simply put, it might sound something like this: "I see you, (name your Not So Good Thing). And I need to balance you out. Therefore, I am choosing to (name your Good Thing - Every Day - No Matter What)."

On My Current List of Good Things That I Am Choosing to Do - Every Day - No Matter What:

  • Taking a daily five (5) minute catnap (I am a different person post-catnap!)

  • Writing one (1) gratitude message to someone to suprirse them and make their day.

  • Dumping Spanish olive oil and sea salt on everything I cook. Yum!

  • Closing my eyes and taking three (3) deep breaths.

That's it. Start small. Acknowledge the crap. And then do one good thing. Start with that. Stick with that. Celebrate that. And begin to find and restore your balance. One good thing. Every day. No matter what.

Until next time,

Joel & Jessie

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