Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Elisha Mudly realized that "being resilient is much less about finding an impenetrable shield of invincibility than it is about cultivating ways in which to accept and adapt." She offers a 5-step resilience exercise to tap into when life is throwing you lemons.

5-Step Resiliency Exercise

Psychology Today also defines resilience as "adapting and responding positively to stress and misfortune." Stress and misfortune can be short or long-term, but how we approach these hardships can shift depending on our resilience. Ellen Hendrikson offers another approach to building your resiliency muscles and bouncing back in difficult situations.

"How to Make Like a Rubber Band and Bounce Back"

We invite you to commit to one simple shift in growing your resilience. Maybe that's replacing the pint of ice cream with a walk around the block. It's so important to self soothe during these difficult times, but how you self soothe is crucial. Start small. We're here for you.

XOXO The Marigold Force

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