3 Boundaries To Protect Your Workflow

March 2, 2021 by Jessie & Joel

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Before Diving In

Joel: What tends to get in the way of your workflow? As you're moving through your day, what pulls your attention away from whatever you’re working on? Is it your colleagues? Maybe it’s your administration? Could it be yourself?


Jessie: I know for me, distractions and the needs of other people can pile on and leave me no time for my own work. Work that helps me feel prepared for the next day. Work that is important to me. 


Joel: In today’s episode we’ll be looking at boundaries through a different lens and proactively tackling some of those distractions. Here we go. 3 Boundaries To Protect Your Workflow. 


What are boundaries:

Joel: Before we jump into three areas you may need to put boundaries into place, I’d like to give you a nice foundation to start. 


Jessie and I are constantly coming back to boundaries. I personally believe that you can’t be a strong, vital Marigold, educator, or human being without super resilient boundaries. It means putting yourself first so that you can show up fully for yourself and others. You cannot pour from an empty cup! Clear & Healthy Boundaries help keep your cup full!


Now, don’t confuse this with being selfish or narcissistic. It means being really clear about where you “stop” and other people “start.” Boundaries keep us safe, and how they do that differs based on our level of confidence and emotional wellbeing. 


The framework I always come back to again and again is: “Here is what I can do. Here is what I can’t do.”  


What I can do is help you with this lesson plan, but what I can’t do is write the lesson plan for you. What I can do is meet with you for five minutes, but what I can’t do is give you my entire prep so I am going to set a time. What I can do is validate your emotions, but what I can’t do is get as worked up as you are at this moment. 


Jessie: Joel and I did an entire episode on boundaries over the summer. Look for “Summer Bonus 3: Clear & Healthy Boundaries (Quick Dive) on your podcast platforms, or click here to head right to that episode


Before we can continue on, how skillful are you at setting boundaries now? Were you always this way? Do you have any tips for our listeners on setting boundaries? Tune in to the podcast to hear our responses.


Jessie: Now that we have a nice foundation, let’s dig into 3 boundaries you may need to put into place to protect your workflow. 


3 Areas You Should Consider

Jessie: Being proactive by anticipating challenges may save you a few headaches. You know yourself better than anyone. What roadblocks do you anticipate coming up as you’re cranking out your day? What might distract you from getting the most important things done? 


Who is your biggest nemesis in terms of productivity? Is it your boss? Your colleagues? Or maybe it’s yourself?


Some boundaries you may need to put in place might be with your:


  • Self: Stay committed to the schedule you created. We all have tasks we do to avoid work that truly needs to be done. Catch yourself when you feel yourself getting sucked in.

  • Colleagues: How can you avoid scheduling meetings or socializing during those times you have slotted for various things?

  • Leadership: Advocate for your needs when meeting times are being decided. If other tasks are being added to your plate get clarity on what needs to come off. 


Joel, what tends to get in the way of your “flow?” Have you set (or do you need to set) boundaries around any of these areas? What does that look like in practice? Click here to see where we struggle most.

Jessie: Now it’s your turn. Take a moment to write down some potential roadblocks to your productivity. Do you anticipate yourself, your colleagues, or your leadership throwing off your workflow? What can you do to be proactive and ensure you’re getting your most important work done each day? What boundaries might you need to put into place to stay on course? Get out that journal or a Google Doc!

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