S2 Episode 9:

Schedule A Mental Health Moment

October 27, 2020

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Jessie Gebauer &

Joel Carlovsky

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So many people crave balance but don’t necessarily know how to achieve it. That’s where our One Good Thing - Every Day - No Matter What strategy comes in. In the final week of this series, we’ll look at this tool one last time. We’ll acknowledge and accept what is currently happening while proactively deciding to create more balance by committing to doing more good things!


Our bonus strategy is inspired by Joel’s father! What might it look like to schedule in Mental Health Moments? Let’s start with that!


Schedule Mental Health Moments

Before we get into the strategy, a story from Joel…


“My dad is a pastor and used to be my religion and catechism teacher. (That’s a whole other story and not the important part of the story!) Now, while my dad was mostly a skill-and-drill type of teacher. You know the type who makes you memorize EVERYTHING - that type! While he was that type of teacher, we did always have something special to look forward to after a few weeks of hard learning and memorizing. 


Can you guess what that was?


He would do these things called Mental Health Days. This was waaaaay before this was trendy like it might be now. He would declare it a Mental Health Day and we would all sigh because we knew there would be no note-taking or new learning - just a day to play games! When I think back, there were a lot of review games but still...they were games! We were having fun and letting our brains rest!”


This is our bonus strategy for the week - inspired by Joel’s dad. Schedule Mental Health Moments. You may notice we’re calling these mental health moments and not mental health days.

If you can take a full day - bless you! Take it! These moments with Joel’s dad were really just 45 minutes to an hour of taking a break and taking care of their mental health.


To apply the strategy, simply return to the title. What you want to do is schedule mental health moments for yourself. They can be in the moment - as you listen to your body and your mental health needs. Or, if you are like us, you can schedule these in advance so that you know that they will actually happen. 


So like always, we are going to start small enough so that this is doable and doesn’t turn taking a Mental Health Moment into a chore or something on your To-Do List! 


Your simple bonus strategy (and challenge!) is to ask yourself the same question: What is one Mental Health Moment that you - knowing your own mental health needs - are going to schedule for yourself in order to take care of the one and only you?


After reflecting on this, take the time to write these ideas down and then schedule them - or at least schedule one Mental Health Moment that you need to take in order to take care of the one and only you. Do this now.


One Good Thing - Every Day - No Matter What

For this strategy, we always start with the opposite of balance. Ask yourself- What does it look like, sound like, and/or feel like to be off-balance?  Especially being off-balanced professionally?


Examples of what this might look like:

  • Too much on your plate

  • Too many commitments

  • Feeling of overwhelm

  • Feeling like you’re doing too much but not enough at the same time

  • Feeling removed from who you truly are


That’s where our strategy comes in starting with One Not So Good Thing. You can call it whatever you want. The Not So Good Thing. The Bad Thing. The Horrible Thing. The Anxiety-Provoking Thing. We have many names currently for that thing! But first, you have to name it. 


The phrase might sound like this “I see you, ___________________.” 


It starts with acknowledging the Not So Good so that you realize the deep need for One Good Thing - Every Day - No Matter What. It’s not about avoiding or denying the Not So Good. It’s about seeing it. It’s about making the choice to do something good as well. 


Go back to your phrase above where you named the not so good. Think of something that could balance it out. This can be related to it or not. Make sure it’s simple enough that you can do it every single day - no matter what.



“I see you overwhelm. And, guess what? I need to balance you out! I need some balance. Therefore, I am going to step away from my computer and step outside for 30 seconds when I feel that way.”


The beauty of this strategy is the balance, flow, and predictability of it. It’s about practicing the One Good Thing - Every Day - No Matter What in order to create balance in our life by making the GOOD things happening super predictable as well. 


Here are the steps one more time:

  1. Name the Not So Good Thing. 

  2. Accept that it is happening. (That doesn’t mean that you have to like it or that it will always be that way!) 

  3. DO something good to create balance. 


This is not about doing 47 Good Things every day. Right now, especially right now for most people, 47 Good Things isn’t sustainable or viable. But one good thing? Yup! That definitely is. 


Take out a journal or grab our One Good Thing - Every Day - No Matter What guide.  Fill up that page and name the Not So Good Thing. Make note of it and work to accept that it is happening. And then write down the GOOD something that you will DO to create balance. Keep reflecting on how this process is going and whether or not you feel more balance in your life. 


Take the time to not rush through this. (We know that when it gets busy it’s easy to rush through this!)  It might take a few ideas and that’s okay. The biggest thing is to acknowledge the Not So Good Thing and commit to doing the work of doing ONE GOOD THING every day no matter what. Do this now.


Final Thoughts

If you missed the first part of the series and you want more - head back to podcast episode 7, One Good Thing - Every Day - No Matter What


Next month we’re so excited to have guest, Lexi Walsh on the podcast to take us through our own narratives. Often the narratives we hear are the stories of one person or the dominant group. Our lives continue to be shaped by the stories we hear and allow the world to continue telling. Join us in November for this incredible conversation and crucial work we can all do to make some real change!


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