Stop Reinventing The Wheel: 3 Things You Should Start Copying Now

March 9, 2021 by Jessie & Joel

The Marigold Force Podcast
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Before Diving In

Jessie: Are you tired of creating all the time? Coming up with systems, engaging lessons, and creative solutions to a zillion different problems is exhausting. I have a little secret for you… It’s OKAY to copy from the greats. There’s a reason we hear the phrase, “don’t reinvent the wheel” all the time. 


Joel: But we’re not talking about copying the lesson plans of your colleagues. We’re talking about three areas that will impact your day in an even deeper way - the flow, habits, and mindset of “great teachers.” Having a strong flow, habits, and mindset allows the real magic to happen. Let’s get to it, Stop Reinventing The Wheel: 3 Things You Should Start Copying Now.  


3 Things You Should Start Copying Now

Jessie: As educators, we hear this all the time, “Don’t reinvent the wheel.” I like this phrase because it gives us permission to not have to create all the time. It also prevents us from staying stuck. The key is to find someone who has a similar style of teaching as you - ask to see how they do things and copy them. I’m 100% serious. 


Joel: Yup, this “act” will start to become your “art” - but it’s okay to copy from the greats! Hint: They are all around you. The first thing you should copy is their flow (routines, structures, breaks, etc). 


Jessie, are you copying the flow (or pieces of the flow) of any teachers you know? If so, what are they doing that you can’t get enough of? How did you make their flow your own?


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Jessie: The second thing you’ll want to copy are habits (self-care, balance, etc.).


Joel, what habits did you initially copy from others? How did you make those habits your own?

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Joel: And finally, mindset (put on my own oxygen mask first, etc.). 


Jessie, where did you look for inspiration for your mindset? What were Marigold teachers around you doing that you wanted to copy?


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Action Step

Jessie: Now it’s your turn. Think of a handful of teachers you could pull some inspiration, or straight up copy from. What do these teachers do that you would like to adopt as well? Write this down. Write down the who, the what, the how, the why. Get specific and continue to notice the flow, habits, and mindset of “the greats.” Pause the podcast now to make your list!

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