S2 Episode 12:

Uncovering Our Narratives Pt. 3


December 8, 2020

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Jessie Gebauer &

Joel Carlovsky

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Before We Dive In
Jessie: If you’re new to the podcast, I recommend going back to episode 10 “Uncovering Our Narratives Pt. 1.” We have an incredible guest with us all month long, and she’s leading us through some deep personal work that has the potential to impact our communities in a very powerful way. As Lexi teaches, Joel and I will be taking the action steps alongside you. We’ll share our thoughts and ideas to help you go through the process with us. Remember true change only happens with action.

Throughout this series, we will be looking at 3 different pillars- race, gender, and identity - and starting to think about how those pillars mold (and have molded) us and our story. In this episode, Lexi dives into gender and how it impacts our narratives.


Our Narratives Through the Lens of Gender

Lexi: I’m so excited to be back and to continue building narratives with you all.  As I’ve been doing this work, I’ve actually continued to edit my narrative and reflect on my own experiences even deeper.  I think it is really important to remind ourselves that how we tell our story and what we share is entirely ours and that what we write down on paper is not permanent.  When I first started to focus on my own narrative I had to constantly remind myself that my story will evolve just as my experiences do. 


It was actually at my yoga teacher training that I was struck with the importance of understanding how our experiences with gender so deeply impacts who we are and how we show up.  I remember a conversation around the idea of “boys will be boys” and immediately I reflected on my experiences with sexual assault, boys feeling as though they can not show their feelings, girls being told quiet is good, and an overall lack of representation of the many things it can mean to identify with any gender.  In my experiences everything was portrayed in such a one sided manner and things need to change. 


In looking at gender I pose these questions:

Listen to the podcast for Jessie and Joel's response to these questions.


  1. When was the first time you saw yourself reflected in the material you were learning, the media you were exposed to, and the books you read based on your pronoun preference? 

  2. How did that reflection impact you? 

  3. Did you ever feel you needed to fit a particular mold or that there were expectations set for you because of your gender? 

  4. Did you ever feel there were things that you could not do because of your gender identity or because of how others viewed your gender?   

Action Step

Lexi:  Spend some time reflecting on the four questions from today.  Remember, what you write down or the first thoughts that come to mind are not permanent.  Be gentle with yourself and start to jot down notes as you reflect on how the representation of the gender you identify with has shaped you.  


Joel: Thank you so, so much Lexi. For all those listening, these questions are linked in our shownotes. Look for the Crafting Your Narrative Guide (Gender).” Sit down and think about these questions. Put pen to paper or type out your thoughts on a computer.


Jessie: Keep coming back to the questions and be gentle on yourself. Pause the podcast now to start reflecting.