S2 Episode 14:

Uncovering Our Narratives Pt. 5

(Putting It Together)

December 22, 2020

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Jessie Gebauer &

Joel Carlovsky

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Before Diving In
Jessie: If you’re new to the podcast, I recommend going back to episode 10 Uncovering Our Narratives Pt. 1.” We have an incredible guest with us all month long, and she’s leading us through some deep personal work that has the potential to impact our communities in a very powerful way. As Lexi teaches, Joel and I will be taking the action steps alongside you. We’ll share our thoughts and ideas to help you go through the process with us. Remember true change only happens with action.
Throughout this series, we will be looking at 3 different pillars- race, gender, and identity - and starting to think about how those pillars mold (and have molded) us and our story. In this episode, Joel and I will be sharing our narratives!


Sharing Our Narratives

Lexi: We’ve done the hard work in the last three parts of this journey.  You’ve spent time reflecting on and answering questions about gender, race, and identity.  I want to remind you that however you tell your story and what you share in your story is for you and only you to decide.  The important part really is being reflective with yourself and better understanding the experiences that have shaped you into who you are.  My hope is that as we do this work and we feel confident in our stories, we will share them and change a system that has catered to one narrative for so long.  


So today it is time for you to decide how you will share your narrative and write your story.  

  1. Is it a letter that you write to yourself or a loved one reflecting on how you have been shaped by your experiences with race, gender, and sexual orientation?

  2. Is it from an outside perspective looking in? We have really started to change our gaze inwards with this work and for me personally, this was how I felt the most comfortable with telling the sensitive parts of my narrative?

  3. Is it through some type of art?

  4. How will you make sure your story is heard and your voice leaves an impact? 


Jessie and Joel's Narratives

Jessie's Narrative

Joel's Narrative

Action Step

Lexi:  I’m really excited about this last part because I would love to hear your stories and to get to hear how your experiences with school, the media, and life have shaped your narratives. I am inviting everyone to join in my collection of narratives.  I want to hear your stories, share your stories, and use our collection of stories to start to change the stories we tell in the schools. These stories can also be shared anonymously.


Jessie: If you’re ready to share your story we have linked a Google form to share any pieces of your story that you're comfortable with. If it's easier, you can also email us at hello@themarigoldforce.com. 


Joel: THANK YOU for taking this scary step. Sharing our stories can be so difficult, but they have the power to shift the world for the better. 


Jessie: Lexi, my heart is so full of gratitude for you right now. Thank you for leading Joel and me through this, and for sharing all your knowledge and gifts with the world. 

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