Summer Bonus 2:

Urgen & Important Matrix | Deep Dive With Kaitlyn Wahldick

June 23, 2020

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Jessie Gebauer &

Joel Carlovsky

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Welcome to our second bonus episode of the summer on one of our Marigold Force Essentials: the Urgent & Important Matrix.

The Urgent & Important Matrix is a simple but effective tool for prioritizing your to-do list based on the level of urgency and importance of each task. Today, we will get specific around the four quadrants - the four sections - of the Urgent & Important Matrix. We will share what our matrices look like. And we will even have a bonus guest on this episode a little later to see what is on their Urgent & Important Matrix - and listen to how this matrix is impacting their life.

Who is our special guest? Kaitlyn Wahldick!

Kaitlyn is a good friend of Jessie from college. They met more than a decade ago and bonded quickly over their love for travel, biking, and exploring Minneapolis. Kaitlyn loves traveling and exploring especially if it takes her off the beaten touristic path. As a self-proclaimed self-development junkie, you can't get her to stop talking about personality types, the latest non-fiction book she's reading, and spirituality. She also loves bringing people together and is an exceptional hostess. Kaitlyn is currently working at Target as a digital designer and living in Minneapolis with her 2-year-old pup, Bowie.

Want more of Kaitlyn?

Check out Kaitlyn on Instagram at @wahldickk to stay up to date on her work and check out photos of her handsome pup!

Kaitlyn's Urgent & Important Matrix

Steering by Starlight by Martha Beck