6 Steps To A Killer Workflow (Part 2)

February 16, 2021 by Jessie & Joel

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Before Diving In

Joel: Teachers- Do you wish you could feel “done” working for the day? You know... empty inbox, lessons prepared for tomorrow, student work graded, and the duty day hasn’t officially ended yet. That dreamy scenario is possible.


Jessie: Yes it is! Today we’re working through “6 Steps To A Killer Workflow” - steps 3 and 4.  Last week we covered steps 1 & 2, so if you’re a newbie to the podcast you should go back to S2E19. You don’t want to get started on step 3 if you don’t have the solid foundation of steps 1 and 2. 


Joel: And full disclosure - this isn’t a quick fix or something that will completely transform your teaching experience tomorrow. With all Marigold Force frameworks and strategies - intentional effort is necessary. We will break it down into extremely manageable pieces, but you need to put in the work. It’s incredibly worth it if you do.


Jessie: We’re talking to Marigolds right now, so I know you’re all ready to roll up your sleeves. Let’s jump into Steps 3 and 4 of “6 Steps To A Killer Workflow (Part 2).”


Recap Steps 1 & 2

Joel: Here’s a quick recap from last week. Grab those notes! Step 1: What's important? Why? What aspects of teaching bring you the most joy? What are you really good at?


Step 2: List all job requirements and times. What is everything you need to do? Approximately how long do you think it takes you to complete this task every day/week/month?


Step 3: Actually Map It Out

Jessie: Map out the day and plug everything in. I created a blank schedule template for anyone that wants it. It’s attached here and below. Just create a copy in Google Drive and edit away.


Just as we recommended in step 2, don’t overthink this. Plug everything in to the best of your ability. I still struggle with knowing how long particular job requirements take and being realistic about time in general. We just need to establish something to start and then we can tweak and refine from there.


Also, if you notice you have way too many tasks to plugin you may need to start thinking about what you can take off your plate. This is HARD to do. I was there too! In step 6 we’ll dig deeper into this, but you may have to make a choice. Are you going to keep doing everything you’re currently doing or are you going to continue to let your job cut into your life outside of school? Joel and I also created examples for you. 


Jessie’s Workflow Map

Joel’s Workflow Map


Now it’s your turn. Map it out and plug in some times. I’ll say it again - don’t overthink this. Give yourself 20 minutes MAX. Try to do it in 10!  We’re not striving for perfection, we’re striving for done enough. 

Step 4: Focus On One Thing

Joel: Track your time! How long does each task truly take you?? Toggl Track is a free app that allows you to track and label each item you’re working on. It's linked below. Start to note how long each task is taking you. 


Jessie: Mark up that workflow template you created with times and notes. Continue to use that same schedule or flow for a solid week. If you forget to time yourself, try again the next day. We want to collect some valuable data to make these workflows tighter. Next week on the podcast we’ll dig into what we noticed as we were tracking our time and refine our workflow from there.


Joel: We’ll also be talking about 2 of our favorite secrets for efficiency! If you're taking an unreasonable amount of time on something - don’t worry. We have a few secrets that are going to change everything!

Final Action Step

Joel: Set yourself up for success now. Download Toggl Track if you plan to track your time that way. Print out the schedule you created for yourself.


Jessie: If you’re worried you’ll forget to time yourself, set a reminder in your phone right now. I just did it! Get those tools in place now.

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